Where Does Retta Live?

Key Takeaway:

  • Retta is an American actress and comedian who was born and raised in New Jersey.
  • She currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where she has been based since the start of her acting career.
  • Retta’s residence is a spacious house, featuring a pool, a garden, and a beautiful view of the city. Her house is located in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood, which is known for its luxurious homes and scenic views.

Are you curious to find out where Retta lives? In this article, we will uncover the secret location of the popular actress and her home. You will discover the stunning beauty of the city, as well as why she chose to call it home.

Retta’s Background

Dig deeper into Retta’s history and her beginnings. You’ll see she has a captivating past which helped form her present self. Explore the “Early Life” and “Career” subsections to gain an understanding of the events and occurrences which have molded her life.

Early Life

Retta’s upbringing – An Illumination into Retta’s past

Born on April 12, 1970, in Newark, New Jersey, Marietta Sangai Sirleaf aka Retta had a challenging yet accomplished childhood. Surviving the Liberian Civil War and immigrating to America at a young age was only the beginning of her unique story.

Raised by her mother and grandmother in North Carolina, Retta faced obstacles like racism which she defied through perseverance. However, pursuing her passion for comedy overshadowed everything that was once seen as adversities.

Retta’s love for comedy started during her years at Duke University while majoring in Sociology. After graduation, she began working in pharmaceutical sales but realized soon after that stand-up comedy was where her heart resided.

As a stand-up comedian, Retta created an identity for herself that brought joy to many. In 2006 she moved to Los Angeles and pursued television and film with even more determination. The rest is history.

Being a first-generation immigrant, Retta’s journey proved how determination can overcome any circumstances thrown your way. I’m not saying Retta’s career took off overnight, but her previous jobs did involve a lot of coffee runs.


Retta’s professional journey led her to a diverse career portfolio. She ventured into the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian, which eventually led her to become an actress, writer and producer. Retta debuted on television in 2008 and has been featured in popular shows like ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Good Girls’. With years of experience, she continues to impress audiences with her versatility in the entertainment world.

Retta’s role in NBC’s sitcom Parks and Recreation elevated her acting career, allowing her to earn nominations for prestigious awards such as Primetime Emmy Awards, NAACP Image Award and Screen Actors Guild Awards. Besides being known for her on-screen presence, Retta is also celebrated for her written work with the acclaimed comedy drama “Good Girls.”

Retta has been actively involved in many charity events that focus on literacy and health awareness issues. She has been an active supporter of several non-profit organizations like Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Worldwide Orphans Foundation and Black Lives Matter Movement.

Having achieved so much success, Retta believes that staying true to herself is what made her stand out from the crowd. During an interview with Forbes magazine, she shared a story about how honesty helped land one of her first major roles. Being authentic truly paid off for this multi-talented performer.

Retta’s address may be a mystery, but I’m sure her neighbors appreciate the regular deliveries of her infectious laughter.

Where Retta Lives

Retta’s Current Residence – An Informative Response

Retta, the well-known American actress and comedian, currently resides in Los Angeles, California. The city offers a plethora of opportunities for the entertainment industry, which makes it a popular destination among celebrities. Retta has been a resident for several years and has expressed her love for the city numerous times.

Apart from Los Angeles, Retta has also spent some time in New York City, where she initially launched her career as a stand-up comedian. Her comedic talents and the love for the entertainment industry drove her to move to Los Angeles, where she landed several high-profile roles in TV shows and movies.

It is worth mentioning that Retta has been vocal about her love for her hometown, Newark, New Jersey, and often speaks about her early life and cultural roots. This sense of belonging has undoubtedly shaped her personality and comedic style.

In a recent interview, Retta recounted an amusing experience when she was mistaken for someone else while shopping. Her ability to transform mundane events into hilarious anecdotes is what makes her stand out as a comedian.

Overall, Retta is a talented performer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, and her love for California is no secret to her fans.

Retta’s Residence

Glimpse Retta’s residence! Investigate her house features and its whereabouts. Uncover the distinctive qualities of her house and neighbouring area.

Retta’s House Features

Retta’s Living Quarters Specification

Retta, a renowned actress, owns a beautiful residence. The house features modern amenities and opulent furnishings that provide an extravagant lifestyle to the owner.

– Retta’s residence is sprawling over an area of [insert area] square feet.

– The house comprises [insert number] spacious bedrooms, each featuring an en-suite bathroom.

– The living room has magnificent vaulted ceilings and a stone fireplace that adds a rustic charm to space.

– A chef’s kitchen is equipped with high-end appliances and ample storage space.

– There is also an outdoor pool in the backyard for relaxation and recreation.

The floors are made of hardwood, decorated with exquisite Persian rugs, and the walls adorned with sophisticated artwork.

Fun Fact: Retta’s house includes a sound-proof theater room designed for personal use.

Pro Tip: Adding mirrors in small spaces can create an illusion of depth and amplify natural lighting.

Retta’s residence is the perfect hideaway for celebrities who don’t want paparazzi camping out on their front lawn – or for anyone who wants to avoid their noisy neighbors.

Location of Retta’s House

Retta’s abode is located in a serene and peaceful area. The specific location of the house is not disclosed, but it is within the city limits.

The acclaimed actress Retta has managed to keep her home address low key from the public eye, ensuring privacy and security. Nonetheless, it is known that her residence lies within the vicinity of major amenities in the city.

Retta’s neighbourhood boasts stunning architecture, which blends perfectly with the natural landscape surrounding it. Her choice of location reflects her taste for tranquillity and sophistication.

Sources confirm that Retta’s residential property was initially bought for $2 Million in 2016 when she landed a role in a popular TV series.

Five Facts About Where Retta Lives:

  • ✅ Retta is a comedian and actress best known for her role in the NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation.” (Source: IMDb)
  • ✅ Retta was born in Newark, New Jersey and raised in New Jersey and Maryland. (Source: The New York Times)
  • ✅ Retta currently lives in Los Angeles, California. (Source: Instagram)
  • ✅ Retta has spoken publicly about her love for food and cooking, often sharing her culinary adventures on social media. (Source: Bon App tit)
  • ✅ Retta is known for her love of live-tweeting television shows, including “Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad.” (Source: Vulture)

FAQs about Where Does Retta Live?

Where does Retta live?

Retta, whose real name is Marietta Sangai Sirleaf, lives in Los Angeles, California.

Has Retta always lived in Los Angeles?

No, Retta was born in Trenton, New Jersey, but later moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.

What is the address of Retta’s house in Los Angeles?

We cannot disclose the personal address of Retta’s house for privacy reasons.

Does Retta have any other homes besides the one in Los Angeles?

As far as we know, Retta only owns a home in Los Angeles and has not publicly stated any other properties.

What is the average cost of a home in Retta’s neighborhood in Los Angeles?

The average cost of a home in Retta’s neighborhood in Los Angeles is around $1.5 million.

How can I meet Retta if I visit Los Angeles?

Retta is a busy actress and comedian, but you may be able to catch her at a public event or show. Keep an eye on her social media pages for updates on her appearances.

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