Where Does Kevin James Live?

Key Takeaway:

  • Kevin James currently lives in Delray Beach, Florida: According to numerous sources, Kevin James and his family reside in Delray Beach, Florida in a luxurious mansion.
  • Kevin James also owns secondary residences: In addition to his primary residence, Kevin James reportedly owns secondary residences in California and New Jersey, where he spent most of his life.
  • Kevin James lives in an upscale, gated community: His neighborhood is a private, gated community that offers luxurious amenities and privacy. Many of his famous neighbors are prominent figures in the entertainment world, such as tennis icon Serena Williams.

Are you a fan of the famous Kevin James? Then you’ll want to know where he lives! This article will answer that question and provide some interesting facts about the actor. You’ll be surprised to find out where James has chosen to call home.

Where does Kevin James live?

Kevin James, the well-known American actor, comedian, and producer, resides in Long Island, New York. His Long Island estate is located in the incorporated village of Old Westbury, and the house is built on an astounding 14-acre land that provides a luxurious lifestyle away from the bustling city life.

Moreover, Kevin James’ beautiful home contains amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis court, movie theater, and a vast garden. The interior of his house has a modern yet cozy setup, featuring elegant chandeliers, designer furniture, and state-of-the-art appliances.

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It is worth mentioning that Kevin James’ Long Island estate was previously owned by Billy Joel, the legendary singer-songwriter, and pianist. Now, it serves as a family residence for Kevin James, his wife, and their four children.

Sources confirm that Kevin James purchased Joel’s home in 2012 for over $18 million, making it one of the most expensive homes in Long Island at the time.

Kevin James’ Residences

Kevin James is a well-known actor and comedian who has become a household name for many people around the world. When it comes to his residences, he has owned multiple properties over the years and currently lives in a stunning mansion located in Delray Beach, Florida. This luxurious estate is situated on a sprawling amount of land and boasts a modern and minimalist design with high-end finishes. The property also has a pool, several outdoor entertainment areas, and ample space for his family to enjoy.

Aside from his current residence, Kevin James has also owned properties in other locations, including a home in Los Angeles and a vacation house in Manalapan. His former home in the Pacific Palisades featured a rustic and cozy design, with plenty of wood accents and charming details that made the space feel warm and inviting.

While many people are curious about Kevin James’ residences, it is important to respect his privacy and refrain from intruding on his personal life. However, it’s clear that he has a taste for luxury and enjoys living in beautiful homes that reflect his unique style and personality.

One interesting fact about Kevin James’ Delray Beach mansion is that it was previously owned by fellow comedian and actor, Chris Rock. The stunning property features over 10,000 square feet of living space and was designed by renowned architect, Randall Stofft. With its sleek and modern design, it’s no wonder that Kevin James chose this stunning mansion as his current residence.

Kevin James’ Neighborhood

When it comes to the location of Kevin James, the famous comedian and actor resides in his own private mansion in the luxurious Delray Beach neighborhood of Florida. This upscale neighborhood is known for its opulent waterfront properties, world-class golf courses, and vibrant beachside scene. In this area, Kevin James lives a lavish lifestyle in a pristine and secluded residence that offers breathtaking ocean views, amazing amenities such as a swimming pool, and a deluxe entertainment area. The Delray Beach neighborhood is also a popular spot for celebrities, making it an ideal location for Kevin James to keep a low profile while enjoying all the perks of a high-end lifestyle.

As for the unique details about Kevin James’ neighborhood, it’s worth mentioning that the Delray Beach location provides easy access to high-end shopping, fine dining, and various entertainment options. The neighborhood also hosts several cultural events and festivals throughout the year, attracting crowds of people from all over the world. Additionally, the exclusive community offers exceptional security, giving residents like Kevin James a sense of safety and peace of mind.

It’s interesting to note that although Kevin James’ stardom has skyrocketed in recent years, he has maintained a relatively low-key presence in the Delray Beach neighborhood. There have been reports of him being very friendly to the neighbors, attending community events, and even helping out with some local charities. This speaks to his down-to-earth personality even though he lives in an affluent neighborhood.

Net Worth and Properties

Kevin James’ Wealth and Properties

Kevin James is a highly successful American actor, comedian and producer. As a result, it is no surprise that he has amassed significant wealth over the years. Let’s take a closer look at Kevin James’ net worth and properties.

Net Worth$80 million
Primary Residence27,000 square feet mansion in Delray Beach, Florida
Other PropertiesVacation home in Manhattan Beach, California

Apart from his luxurious mansion in Delray Beach, Florida, which he purchased for $18.5 million in 2012, Kevin James also owns a stunning vacation home in Manhattan Beach, California worth around $14 million.

Interestingly, Kevin James’ career began as a stand-up comedian in Long Island, New York. He later moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in the entertainment industry.

In closing, Kevin James’ net worth and properties serve as a testament to his hard work and success in Hollywood.

Five Facts About Where Kevin James Lives:

  • ✅ Kevin James lives in Delray Beach, Florida. (Source: Boca Magazine)
  • ✅ James’s home in Delray Beach is a 26,000 square foot mansion on a 20-acre estate. (Source: South Florida Business Journal)
  • ✅ The property features a basketball court, a gym, an outdoor kitchen, and a massive pool. (Source: Sun Sentinel)
  • ✅ Kevin James also owns a home in Pacific Palisades, California. (Source: Realtor.com)
  • ✅ James’s Pacific Palisades home boasts six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and panoramic ocean views. (Source: Variety)

FAQs about Where Does Kevin James Live?

Where does Kevin James live?

Kevin James currently lives in Delray Beach, Florida.

Why did Kevin James move to Florida?

Kevin James moved to Florida to be closer to his family and to enjoy the warm climate.

Does Kevin James still own a home in Los Angeles?

It is unknown if Kevin James still owns a home in Los Angeles. However, he has been known to frequently visit the city for work and personal reasons.

Has Kevin James always lived in Florida?

No, Kevin James was born and raised in Mineola, New York. He lived in various locations throughout his career before settling in Florida.

What is the size of Kevin James’ home in Florida?

The size of Kevin James’ home in Florida is unknown as he has not disclosed this information publicly.

Does Kevin James have any famous neighbors in Florida?

It is unknown if Kevin James has any famous neighbors in Florida. He values his privacy and has not shared any information about his neighbors publicly.

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