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Today, we will discuss related to the best blonde comedian female with their best show. You can watch them and enjoy them as well. At current, there are lots of blonde comedian females with good fan following. But today we are doing some different. Might be you heard this name first time as well. Let’s start the journey with blonde female comedians.

  1. Tracey Ullman
  2. Mary Beth Barone
  3. Awkwafina
  4. Kate McKinnon
  5. Whitney Cummings

All the best blonde hair comedian females and also in their careers, all give the best of themselves. Below we will see their videos as well as the public reaction to this.

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1. Tracey Ullman:

Tracey Ullman was born on 30th December 1959 and she was first on the list of British female comedians blonde. She was British-American Actress, Comedian, Producer, Singer, and Writer.  In her early phase, she works on the British Television show sketch comedy and name is A kick the eighties and three of a kind. After that, she start her own show “The Tracey Ullman Show” in 1987. Later she also works on HBO with that her new show Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union from 2008 to 2010. This Comedian is the first comedy whose sketch television show is offered in UK and USA.

The interesting thing is Tracey Ullman is the richest British Comedian and the second-richest British Actress. The below show is one of the best of Tracey Ullman and you can also consider an interview with her.

2. Mary Beth Barone:

Mary Beth Barone is born along with her brother in New York and she was an American comedian, YouTuber, and Actress. She was very popular for hosting comedy shows and might you know them. One of the popular shows is “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. On their YouTube Channel, you will find her best videos and you also enjoy that. If we talk about her career, then becoming a comedian is her passion and she followed them.

That’s why today she was blonde hair comedian female. Mary Beth Barone work in many Stand up comedy show but one of the best shows for her is Comedy Central Stand-up Featuring, Punk’d, and in 2019 her new and very popular show is Comedy Central’s Up Next. In the Below video, she talk about why she considered as having a baby along with talking about her struggles with the problem of a long-distance relationship. Here’s a video where she talks about vibrators and Just Dildos:

3. Awkwafina:

Seeing the above name you might be confused that what type of this name is. But the original name of this blonde female comedian is Nora Lum professionally she was known as Awkwafina. Nora Lum is American Rapper, Actress, and Comedian. Her rap song “My Vag” become very popular on YouTube. As a comedian, she played a leading role in The Farewell drama. She was the first Asian woman to win a Golden Globe award.

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Awkwafina is the writer, co-creator, and producer of the comedy series Awkwafina is Nora from Queens. She gives lots of the best videos and does many very popular rapped songs as well. Additionally, Awakwafina won Satellite Award for Best Actress and was nominated for the BAFTA Rising Star Award.   

You can consider the above video on their personal life. Where she talks about that how she selects this name and what her family thinks about her career. Revel the name of her new movie name and overview of shooting. How she lives her life in Beijing. So, watch the video and enjoy it.

4. Kate McKinnon:

In our blonde comedian female list in 4th place comes Kate McKinnon. She was born on 6th January 1984 and she was famous as an American Comedian, Actress, and Writer. Kate McKinnon Berthold is a very famous and known celebrity for her character work and her best impression on the comedy show sketch “Saturday Night Live” in that she was the best cast member for eleven seasons. Kate McKinnon also work in many different films like Ghostbuster, Rough Night, Bombshell, Balls Out, Yesterday, Office Christmas party, and many more.  

If we talk about awards then kate McKinnon has been nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards adding their outstanding Music and Lyrics. And win awards in 2016 and 2017 for Outstanding supporting actresses in a comedy series. . In the Below video you will see the Top 20 best moments of Kate McKinnon and you enjoy and laugh during watch this video. And all these moments are taken from her best show SNL (Saturday Night Live).

5. Whitney Cummins:

Last but not least there are lots of other female comedians blonde which have tremendous fan followings and good videos on stand-up comedy shows. Whitley Cummins was born on 4th September 1982 and she was an American Actress, Writer, Stand-up Comedian, Director, producer, and podcaster. There are lots of films and series she directed and produced but if we talk about r comedy shows then there are the most popular three shows. The first one she released was Money Shor in 2010 on Comedy Central. The second show of Whitley Cummins is I Love You and the Third one is released on HBO with the title I’m Your Girlfriend in 2016.

Recently in 2021, she released one audio streaming album which is also very popular and good. In 2019, Can I Touch It? Was released on Netflix. In the Below video, you see that Whitney talks about the new book with the name I’m Fine… And Other Lies as well she gives Jimmy the exceptionally noteworthy test she made to get rid of potential ‘red flag’ dates.

So, that’s all about female comedians blonde now if you want to more of this type of post then you can see it on this website. Make smile and laugh which will make your life more beautiful and stress less.

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