Jokes About Rum that Will Make You Smile

Here are some light-hearted jokes about rum that are sure to put a smile on your face. From pirate jokes to historical puns, we’ve got you covered.

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The Best Jokes

Q: What’s a pirate’s favorite rum?
A: Arrrrrrgh!

Q: How does a pirate drink rum?
A: Arrrrgonauts! (from the Greek ‘arrhos’, meaning ‘no throat’)

Q: Why did the pirate go to the doctor?
A: Because he had a sinking feeling!

Q: How much rum can a pirate drink before he’s considered sober?
A: A wee drop!

The Funniest Jokes

1.Why did the pirate order a rum and coke?
Because he wanted a captain and first mate.

2.Why are pirates called pirates?
Because they argh!

3.How does a pirate drink his rum?
By the flagons.

4.Why was the pirate’s rum so strong?
It walked the plank!

5.What do you call a one-eyed pirate’s rum?
A booty call!

The Jokes that will Make You Smile

Q: How does a pirate order his rum?
A: Aye, matey!

Q: Why did the pirate go to the doctor?
A: Arr, I’ve got a scurvy!

Q: What kind of rum does a pirate drink on his birthday?
A: Aye, it’s my birthday, so give me yer best rum!

Q: How does a pirate say goodbye?
A: Arr, mateys!

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