Funny Jokes About Twins That Will Make You Laugh

If you’re looking for some laughs, check out our collection of funny jokes about twins. These will definitely make you chuckle!

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Jokes About Identical Twins

Why did the identical twins go to separate colleges?

Because they wanted to meet new people!

Jokes About Fraternal Twins

What’s the best thing about having fraternal twins?

You get twice as much diaper duty!

What’s the best thing about having identical twins?

You only have to change their diapers half as often!

Jokes About Identical Twin Boys

Why did the identical twin boys go to different colleges?
Because they wanted to meet new people!

What’s the best way to tell identical twin brothers apart?
With a DNA test.

What do you call identical twin boys with one black eye each?
Panda bears!

Jokes About Identical Twin Girls

What’s the best way to keep twin girls from fighting?

Tie them up so they can’t hit each other!

How do you know if there are twin girls in the house?

There are two beds in the bedroom and two toothbrushes in the bathroom!

Why did the twin girl cross the road?

To get to her sister’s house!

Jokes About Fraternal Twin Boys

Why did one twin boy put a hole in his sock?
To let the other twin know when to stop pouring milk in it.

How can you tell fraternal twin boys apart?
By their freckles.

What’s the best way to keep fraternal twin boys from arguing?
Tie their left hands behind their backs.

How do you know when two fraternal twin boys are arguing over something?
They’re usually standing on either side of a doorway, arguing over who left the door open.

Jokes About Fraternal Twin Girls

What’s the difference between fraternal twin girls and identical twin girls?

– Identical twin girls are the same age.
– Fraternal twin girls are born two days apart.

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