Funny Trump Jokes to Make You Laugh

Looking for a good laugh? Check out our collection of funny Trump jokes. We’re sure you’ll find something to make you chuckle.

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Jokes about Trump’s hair

1. What does Trump use to style his hair? Just for Men!
2. How does Trump describe his hair? “There’s nothing fake about it, it’s 100% real.”
3.What do you call Trump’s hair? A toupée!
4. How does Trump get his hair to look like that? With a comb-over!
5. What is Trump’s favorite type of hair? His own!

Jokes about Trump’s tweets

1. Trump: “I’m the best at Twitter!”
The world: “No, you’re not.”

2. Trump: “I have the best words!”
The dictionary: “No, you don’t.”

3. Trump: “I’m a very stable genius!”
The world: “No, you’re not.”

Jokes about Trump’s family

What’s Donald Trump’s favorite vegetable?

The family Jewels!

What does Ivanka Trump call her father when she wants something?

Daddy Warbucks!

How does Melania Trump keep her husband from getting lost in public?

She puts his hand in her pocket!

Jokes about Trump’s policies

1. Trump wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out… and he wants Mexico to pay for it!
2. Trump says he wants to make America great again… but he hasn’t done anything yet!
3. Trump says he’s going to get tough on crime… but he’s still using a private security force!
4. Trump says he wants to get rid of Obamacare… but he hasn’t put forward any replacement plan!
5. Trump says he’s going to bring manufacturing jobs back to America… but all his businesses manufacture goods overseas!

Jokes about Trump’s appearance

Some people laughed when they saw how orange Trump’s skin is. It looks like he peeled off a fake tan gone wrong.

Other people make jokes about Trump’s hair. They say it looks like he is wearing a wig or that he combs over his hair to make it look thick.

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