Funny Trump and Hillary Jokes to Make You Laugh

Looking for some funny Trump and Hillary jokes? We’ve got you covered! Check out our collection of the best jokes about the two candidates.

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Jokes about Trump

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are two of the most controversial politicians in recent memory. So, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of jokes about them. Here are some of the funniest Trump and Hillary jokes out there.

His hair

People often joke about Donald Trump’s hair, saying that it looks like he has a toupée or that it’s a comb-over. Some people have even made jokes about his hair being a danger to national security, since it could potentially be used as a hiding place for weapons or other dangerous items. Regardless of what people think about his hair, it’s definitely one of the most distinctive features about Donald Trump.

His hands

One of the most common jokes about Trump is about the size of his hands. People have been comparing his hands to other objects, such as bats and baby carrots, to show how small they are.

Another popular joke is that Trump is afraid of stairs. This is because he was once seen taking the elevator instead of the staircase at Trump Tower.

Trump has also been called a “orange man” because of his skin color.

His policies

Why did Trump cross the road?

To get to the other side – of the White House!

Why isn’t Trump afraid of ghosts?

Because he’s immune to their economic policies!

What do you call it when Trump is late for a meeting?

The art of the deal!

Jokes about Hillary

Check out these funny jokes about Hillary Clinton. If you’re a fan of Hillary, you’re sure to get a good laugh out of these!

Her emails

What did Hillary Clinton say when she found out that her emails had been hacked?

“Dammit, I’m missing two emails!”

Her age

Q: How old is Hillary Clinton?
A: Older than her emails

Q. How many Hillary Clintons does it take to change a light bulb?
A. It takes two–one to screw in the bulb and one to withdraw all U.S. troops from the surrounding area so that no civilian casualties will occur.

Her health

Is Hillary Clinton alright? I heard she fell and hit her head on a bathtub.

What’s the difference between Hillary Clinton and a catfish? One’s slimy and smells bad, and the other is a fish.

Why can’t Hillary Clinton have an iPad? Because it might end up in her emails.

Why did Hillary Clinton cross the road? To get to the other email server.

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