Funny Swimming Jokes to Make a Splash

Looking for a few laughs? Check out our collection of funny swimming jokes. They’re sure to make a splash with your friends and family!

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Jokes about swimming

Why did the chicken go to the swimming pool?
To get wet!

Why did the duck go to the swimming pool?
To take a dip!

Why did the mosquito go to the swimming center?
To make friends and influence people!

What’s a swimmer’s favorite drink? – Pool water!

How does a seals swim? – With their flippers!

Jokes about swimmers

Q: Why are swimmers such good liars?
A: Because they can lie about their time, their distance, and their stroke!

Q: What do you call a swimmer with no legs?
A: A Yorker!

Q: How does a swimming pool stay clean?
A: It uses a filter!

Jokes about swimming competitions

Whether you’re a swimmer or not, you’ll appreciate these funny jokes about swimming competitions.

Q: What are the three worst things about swimming in a triathlon?

A: The swim, the bike, and the run.

Q: Why was the swimmer put in jail?

A: He was caught poolhovering!

Q: How can you tell if a fish is smoking?

A: It has a follicle on its head!

Jokes about swimming instructors

How do you become a swimming instructor?
It takes years of practice!

Why did the swimming instructor go on vacation?
Because he needed a break!

Why did the swimming student fail his test?
Because he couldn’t pass the swim!

Jokes about swimming pool

Q: Where does a whale go when it’s sick?
A: The aquatic vet!

Q. Why don’t scientists trust atoms?
A. Because they make up everything

Q. How does a blondedescribe SCUBA diving?
A. Air that you drink!

Q. Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself?
A. It was…two tired!

Q: What kind of shoes do all ninjas wear?
A: Sneakers!

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