Funny Superhero Jokes to Make Your Day

Laugh out loud with these funny superhero jokes. They’re sure to make your day, whether you’re a Marvel or DC fan!

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Superheroes are always there to save the day, but they’re also human. They have to deal with the same everyday problems as the rest of us, including bad hair days, traffic, and bad jokes. If you’re looking for a laugh, check out these funny superhero jokes.

Joke #1

What do you call a group of Batman wannabes? A bat gang!

Joke #2

What did Batman say to Robin before they got in the Batmobile?

“Get in the Batmobile!”

Joke #3

Are you looking for a laugh? Check out our selection of funny superhero jokes. We’ve got all the classics, like Batman and Superman, plus some new additions, like the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. So whether you’re a diehard comic fan or just looking for a few laughs, these jokes are sure to please.

Superheroes are always there to save the day, but sometimes they need a little help from their jokester friends. That’s where we come in! These funny jokes about superheroes are just what you need to brighten your day.

Joke #3

What do you call a superhero who can’t fly?


Superheroes are amazing. They have extraordinary abilities and powers that help them save the day. But they’re also human. They have their own weaknesses and their own quirks. And sometimes, they say things that are just plain funny. Here are some of the funniest things that superheroes have said.


Superman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. He is known for his incredible strength, his ability to fly, and his unending commitment to justice. But did you know that Superman also has a great sense of humor? Here are some of the funniest Superman jokes around:

Q: Why does Superman wear his cape?

A: To keep his pants from falling down!

Q: How many bones does Superman have in his body?

A: Zero! He’s completely made of Kryptonite!

Q. How does Superman like his coffee?
A. With a little bit of cream… and JUSTICE!


What does Batman say when he gets losing?

I’m not going to bat an eye!


What did Spiderman say to Mary Jane?
-You’re looking good, girl!

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