The Funniest Spongebob Jokes You’ve Never Heard

We’ve rounded up the funniest Spongebob jokes that you’ve probably never heard before. From Spongebob’s classic “I’m ready!” to Patrick’s “I’m not a starfish!” these jokes will have you laughing out loud.

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Spongebob’s best friend, Patrick

Spongebob’s best friend, Patrick, is always there for him- whether Spongebob is looking for a partner in crime or just someone to hang out with. Patrick is always up for a good time, and he knows how to make Spongebob laugh. Spongebob and Patrick have been friends for a long time, and they always seem to have a good time together.

The time Patrick ate Spongebob’s ice cream

Patrick was eating Spongebob’s ice cream and Spongebob got mad. Spongebob yelled at Patrick and said, “You ate my ice cream! I can’t believe you ate my ice cream!” Patrick said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

The time Patrick forgot Spongebob’s birthday

It was Spongebob’s birthday and Patrick was helping him celebrate. They had a big party with all of their friends, and then Patrick took Spongebob aside for a special present.

“I got you something really great for your birthday, Spongebob,” Patrick said. “But I have to warn you, it’s a surprise. Close your eyes!”

Spongebob did as he was told, and Patrick put a blindfold over his eyes. He led Spongebob into the kitchen and then said, “Okay, you can look now!”

Spongebob took off the blindfold and saw that Patrick had made him a cake. It was shaped like a computer, and it even had little chocolate keys on top.

“Do you like it?” Patrick asked.

“It’s amazing!” Spongebob exclaimed. “But how did you know I wanted a computer cake?”

“Uh…I didn’t,” Patrick said sheepishly. “I forgot it was your birthday.”

Spongebob’s boss, Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krabs is Spongebob’s boss at the Krusty Krab. He’s a red crab who is very greedy and always tries to save a few bucks. He’s also very cheap when it comes to giving raises to his employees.

The time Mr. Krabs caught Spongebob stealing

It was a dark and stormy night, and Spongebob was feeling particularly mischievous. He had been eyeing Mr. Krabs’ wallet for weeks, and he finally decided that tonight was the night to make his move.

So, under the cover of darkness, Spongebob snuck into Mr. Krabs’ office and helped himself to a handful of cash. But as he was leaving the office, he ran into Mr. Krabs!

“Aha!” Mr. Krabs said. “I knew you were up to no good, Spongebob! You’re fired!”

The time Mr. Krabs fired Spongebob

One day, Spongebob was late to work for the third time that week. Mr. Krabs was not happy.
“Spongebob, I’ve had it with you! You’re fired!”

Spongebob was stunned. He couldn’t believe he had been fired.
“But Mr. Krabs, I need this job! I can’t be fired!”

“I’m sorry Spongebob, but you’re not meeting my standards. You’re lazy and constantly late. I can’t have that in an employee.”

“Please, Mr. Krabs! I’ll do anything! Just don’t fire me!”

Mr. Krabs thought for a moment and then had an idea. “I tell you what, Spongebob. If you can stand on your head for three minutes without falling over, I’ll give you your job back.”

Spongebob agreed and immediately flipped himself over and stood on his head. Three minutes later, he wobbled and fell over. Mr. Krabs laughed and said, “I’m sorry Spongebob, but you’re still fired.”

Spongebob’s neighbor, Squidward

Squidward Tentacles is Spongebob’s next-door neighbor and one of the main characters in the Spongebob Squarepants TV show. He is an anthropomorphic octopus and is often portrayed as a grouchy and unenthusiastic individual. Squidward has a love/hate relationship with Spongebob and is often the target of Spongebob’s practical jokes.

The time Squidward played a prank on Spongebob

It was one of those Squidward-is-pranking-Spongebob episodes. Squidward had put a whoopee cushion on Spongebob’s chair, and Spongebob was sitting on it every time he got up. Then, Squidward had put a bucket of water above the door, so when Spongebob opened it, he got soaked. Then, Squidward put a bunch of bananas in Spongebob’s bed, so when he climbed in, he would slip and fall. Finally, Squidward put a fake letter from Neptune in Spongebob’s mailbox, telling him to come to the opposite side of the ocean for a special task. When Spongebob read the letter, he was so excited that he started packing his bags right away.

The time Spongebob got revenge on Squidward

One time, Spongebob got revenge on Squidward by super gluing his eyes open!

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