Funny Singer Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out these funny singer jokes. From classic musicians to modern pop stars, we’ve got jokes for everyone.

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Jokes about well-known singers

Whether you’re a fan of their music or not, there’s no denying that some singers are just begging to be made fun of. From their outrageous sense of style to their larger-than-life personalities, these stars are the perfect target for a good joke.

Here are some of the funniest jokes about well-known singers that will definitely make you laugh:

Why did Lady Gaga cross the road?
To get to the other side!

Why did Adele cross the road?
To get to the other side!

Why did Rihanna cross the road?
Because she was sick of being followed by paparazzi!

What do you call a singer with half a brain?

Jokes about less well-known singers

Q: Why don’t more people know about singer _?
A: Because they’re not very good.

Q: How does singer _ stay in shape?
A: By avoiding fast food.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get to the other side of singer _’s music career.

Jokes about singing in general

Singing is often seen as a talent that some people have and others don’t. But even the most talented singers make mistakes from time to time. Here are some funny singer jokes that will make you laugh.

Q: What do you call a singer with a cold?
A: A croaker!

Q: What do you call a singer with no money?
A: A broke-tone singer!

Q: How can you tell if a singer is tone deaf?
A: They sing off-key!

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