Funny Sean Spicer Jokes You Might Have Missed

Although he’s no longer in the White House, Sean Spicer is still making headlines – this time, for his comedy routine. Check out some of the funniest jokes you might have missed from his recent stand-up act.

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Joke #1

Why does Sean Spicer always look like he just found out his childhood pet died?

##Joke #2
Why does Sean Spicer have a problem with math?

Because when he tries to add up his lies they always come out wrong!

Joke #2

Why did Sean Spicer cross the road?

To get to the other tweet!

Joke #3

Q: Why did Sean Spicer cross the road?

A: To get to the other side of the podium!

Joke #4

What do you call it when Sean Spicer accidentally inhales a mint?

A breathing mint!

Joke #5

“I know that some members of the media are engaged in afalse narrative about our administration,” Spicer told reporters. “The fact is, we had a very successful first month. I think the president’s message is resonating with Americans.”

When asked to elaborate on the “false narrative,” Spicer began to list a series of statistics that he said proved Trump’s point.

“January was the most watched month for Fox News in 17 years,” he said. “MSNBC had its best month ever in January, and CNN set a new prime-time record.”

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