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Rick and Carl Grimes are the two main characters in the post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead. They are father and son, and the only living members of their immediate family. Although they have a sometimes difficult relationship, they are fiercely loyal to each other and are always there for each other when it counts.

Here are some funny jokes about Rick and Carl Grimes that will make you laugh:

Q: What did Rick say to Carl when he caught him smoking a cigarette?

A: “Put that damn thing out before you kill yourself!”

Q: What did Rick say to Carl after he shot a deer?

A: “You didn’t have to shoot the damn thing, we could have eaten it!”

Q: What did Rick say to Carl after he killed a walker?

A: “You didn’t have to kill it, we could have used it for bait!”

Best Rick and Carl Jokes

If you are a fan of Rick and Carl from the show Rick and Morty, then you will love these jokes. These jokes are some of the funniest that I have ever heard. Laugh out loud with Rick and Carl today.

The time Rick tried to take over the world

Rick: I’m going to take over the world!

Carl: With what?

Rick: An army of Ricks!

Carl: Dad, that’s not going to work.

Rick: Why not?

Carl: Because you’re the only Rick we know.

When Carl got bit by a walker

“When Carl got bit by a walker, I knew things were going to get bad. But I never could’ve guessed how bad they would get.” -Rick Grimes

“You know, sometimes I think you’re more trouble than you’re worth. But then I remember how much you make me laugh, and I know that I couldn’t live without you.” -Rick Grimes to Carl

The time Rick and Carl went fishing

Rick and Carl went fishing one day. As they were out in the boat, Rick said to Carl, “I’ve gotta take a piss.”

“No way! You’ll have to wait until we get back to shore,” said Carl.

But Rick was insistent, so Carl finally gave in. “Okay, but be quick about it. And aim over the side of the boat, not in it!”

So Rick took aim and relieved himself over the side of the boat. But before he was finished, a big fish came up and swallowed his stream of piss!

As they were both staring at the fish in disbelief, Carl said to Rick, “Do you know what this means?”

And Rick replied, “Yeah, I ain’t gonna shit in your bait bucket anymore!”


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