Funny British Jokes that Some People Might Find Racist

This blog is dedicated to funny British jokes that some people might find racist. If you’re easily offended, then this isn’t the blog for you. But if you like to laugh at politically incorrect humor, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Jokes about the British Royal Family

These jokes might be funny to some people, but they could also be seen as racist. Proceed with caution!

-Why does the British royal family have so many corgis?
-Because they’re all descended from the same bitch!

-What’s the difference between the British royal family and a pack of dogs?
-One’s composed of dysfunctional inbreds and the other one’s a pack of dogs.

Jokes about the British Weather

Why is the British weather so bad?

Because the British Isles are surrounded by ocean!

Jokes about British Food

What’s the difference between a Englishman and a trampoline?
You take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline.

Why don’t British people eat food with their hands?
Because they’re afraid of getting food on their fingers.

What do you call a British person who doesn’t like tea?
A Human Being.

Jokes about the British Stiff Upper Lip

The British stiff upper lip is a trope often used to describe the stereotypical reserve of the British people. It is often joked about how this reserve leads to British people being bad at expressing their emotions, which can come across as cold or unfeeling. However, this reserve can also be seen as a positive trait, as it allows British people to keep calm in the face of adversity.

Some jokes about the British stiff upper lip might be considered racist, as they play into stereotypes about the British being emotionally repressed. However, these jokes can also be seen as poking fun at the stereotype itself.

Here are some examples of jokes about the British stiff upper lip:

-Why did the British man cross the road? To get to the other side!

-How do you know if a Brit is happy? He’ll tell you!

-What’s the difference between a Brit and a teabag? The teabag stays in hot water for longer!

Jokes about the British Sense of Humor

What do you call a British person with a sense of humor?
A tourist.

Why don’t British people have a sense of humor?
Because they don’t have an England.

How many British people does it take to change a light bulb?
Two. One to change the bulb and one to complain about the Americanization of the metric system.

Why are British people so bad at math?
Because they forgot to include Scotland in their calculations.

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