Funny Presidents Day Jokes to Make You Smile

In celebration of Presidents Day, we’ve rounded up some of the funniest jokes about our country’s leaders. From Abe Lincoln to George Washington, these one-liners will definitely make you smile.

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Jokes about George Washington

Why did George Washington always look so serious?

Because he was trying to keep a straight face!

What was George Washington’s favorite vegetable?

Cabbage. He was a big fan of coleslaw!

Why was George Washington such a good leader?

Because he always had the country’s best interests at heart!

Jokes about Abraham Lincoln

Q: What was Abraham Lincoln’s favorite food?
A: Lincoln logs!

Q: Why was Abraham Lincoln so good at public speaking?
A: He was a master of the art of rhetoric!

Q: What did Abraham Lincoln say to the people of America after he was elected President?
A: “I’m sorry for the long and hard speeches.”

Jokes about other presidents

Q: What do you call a president who’s been impeached?
A: A former president!

Q: How does a president keep his armies from invading his country?
A: He keeps them in the White House!

Q. Where does the President go when he wants to get away from it all?
A. Camp David

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