10 Funniest Pop Culture Jokes

From the golden age of TV sit-coms to the more recent rise of meme culture, there’s always been something to laugh at in pop culture. Here are 10 of the funniest pop culture jokes around!

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The Onion

The Onion’s history of funny

The Onion is an American satirical media company. It was founded in 1988 by two teenage boys, Scott Dikkers and Pete Haise, in Madison, Wisconsin. The name “The Onion” was chosen because it is “a universal source of humor” and “an appropriate name for a publication that makes light of everything.”

The Onion began as a weekly newspaper with a circulation of just over 1,000 copies. Today, it is America’s most popular humor publication, with a circulation of more than 2 million copies and a readership of more than 4 million people. The Onion has been honored with many awards, including the Peabody Award, the National Press Foundation’s Edward R. Murrow Award, and the Webby Award for Best Humor Publication.

The Onion’s approach to humor

The Onion is an American satirical digital media company and newspaper organization that publishes articles on international, national, and local news. Based in Chicago, the company originated as a weekly print publication on August 29, 1988 in Madison, Wisconsin. In the spring of 1996, The Onion began publishing online. In 2007, the organization began publishing satirical news audio and video content on its website.

One of The Onion’s defining characteristics is its anonymous writers, who contribute articles under pseudonyms. Since 2009, the majority of The Onion’s articles have been written by about 40 staff members.

Funny or Die

jokes that are worth a watch if you’re in need of a chuckle. Some are irreverent, some are topical, and some might even make you think

Funny or Die’s history of funny

Funny or Die is a comedy video website that was founded in 2007 by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Judd Apatow. The site features various short or’sketch’ comedy videos, many of which are produced by Funny or Die itself. The site is also known for its celebrity cameo appearances, which have included everyone from Zach Galifianakis to Jennifer Aniston.

The site was acquired by Turner Broadcasting System in 2012 and has since produced various TV shows and movies, such as the Emmy-winning series “Atlanta” and the popular movie “The Lego Movie”.

Funny or Die has consistently been ranked as one of the top humor sites on the web, and its videos have been viewed billions of times.

Funny or Die’s approach to humor

Funny or Die is a comedy website that was founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay in 2007. The site is known for its short, funny videos, many of which are starring big names in Hollywood.

Funny or Die’s approach to humor is very much in line with Ferrell and McKay’s previous work on film and television. The humor is often absurd and over-the-top, and it often pokes fun at popular culture.

One of the site’s most popular videos is “The Landlord,” starring Ferrell and McKay’s young daughter Pearl as a landlord who tries to evict her tenant (played by Ferrell). The video has been viewed over 40 million times.

Other popular Funny or Die videos include “7 Things You Didn’t Know About North Korea,” “The History of Basketball With Kobe Bryant,” and “8 Things You Didn’t Know About Adolf Hitler.”


We all need a good laugh every once in awhile, and what better way to get one than from some good ol’ fashioned jokes? Pop culture is a great source of material for jokes, because there’s just so much to work with. And who doesn’t love a good pop culture reference? Here are 10 of the funniest pop culture jokes out there.

CollegeHumor’s history of funny

CollegeHumor was founded in 1999 by Josh Abramson and Ricky Van Veen. The website was originally created as a way for the two to share their favorite videos and jokes with their friends. Since then, CollegeHumor has become one of the most popular humor websites on the internet, reaching millions of people every month.

The site features daily original comedy videos, articles, sketches, and more. CollegeHumor’s content has been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Vanity Fair, Newsweek, GQ, and Esquire.

In addition to their website, CollegeHumor also operates two successful YouTube channels – Dorkly and Dropout – which feature original comedic videos and show clips.

CollegeHumor’s approach to humor

CollegeHumor is a humor website based in Los Angeles and owned by IAC/InterActiveCorp. The website features daily original comedy videos and articles created by its in-house writing and production team, in addition to user-submitted videos, pictures, articles and links. CollegeHumor also has a number of sister sites, including Dropout.tv, Dorkly, SportsPickle, and Todaysbigthing.

The Chive

Pop Culture can be anything from fashion to music to movies to celebrities. Anything that is popular at the moment can be considered pop culture. It’s always changing, which is what makes it so interesting. And because it’s always changing, there are always new jokes to be made about it.

The Chive’s history of funny

The Chive is a popular website known for its funny content. The site was founded in 2008 by brothers John and Leo Resig. The Chive’s popularity has grown steadily over the years, and it is now one of the most popular humor sites on the internet.

The Chive is best known for its funny listicles, but the site also features a wide variety of other content, including videos, GIFs, photos, and news stories. The Chive’s content is often irreverent and off-beat, and it has been known to push the boundaries of good taste on occasion. Nevertheless, the site’s mix of humor and pop culture has resonated with a large audience, and The Chive has become one of the most popular humor sites on the internet.

The Chive’s approach to humor

The Chive is a website that specializes in funny pop culture content. The site was founded in 2008 by brothers John and Dave Green.

The Chive’s approach to humor is often irreverent and unafraid to offend. The site has been criticized for its insensitivity, but the Greens have defended their content, saying that they are “just trying to make people laugh.”

The Chive has a large and devoted following, and its audience continues to grow. The site receives millions of visitors each month, and its social media accounts have millions of followers.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, or if you’re just curious about one of the most popular humor sites on the internet, be sure to check out The Chive.


If you’re looking for a laugh, 9GAG is the place to go. This website is full of funny pop culture jokes that will have you rolling on the floor. From celebrity memes to TV show parodies, there’s something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

9GAG’s history of funny

In 2006, Ray Chan, Jaeson Lewis and Angelo Sotira founded 9GAG in Hong Kong. Originally inspired by the humour website eBaum’s World, the site took off following a period of rapid growth in the early 2010s.

9GAG has been described as an “image-based bulletin board” where users can post and share viral content from elsewhere on the internet. The website is divided into various user-generated categories, such as “memes”, “gifs”, “geeky”, “girl problems”, “school life”, and others. All posts on 9GAG are user-generated; most of the content is comedic, pop cultural memes and GIFs.

9GAG’s approach to humor

9GAG is a website and app headquartered in the United States that features humorous content. Their approach to humor is based on “welcoming all forms of funniness” and not taking themselves too seriously. This makes their site and content appealing to a wide range of people, as they offer something for everyone.

Some of 9GAG’s most popular content categories include: funny memes, GIFs, videos, articles, and more. In addition to their website, 9GAG also has a strong presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With over 50 million followers across all of their platforms, 9GAG is one of the most popular online destinations for comedy and entertainment.

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