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Jokes about mailmen being lazy

There are plenty of jokes about mailmen being lazy, but they’re mostly just that – jokes. The reality is that mailmen have one of the most physically demanding jobs out there. They walk miles every day, in all kinds of weather, and they have to be constantly alert for danger. So the next time you see your mailman, be sure to give him a big thank-you – he’s earned it!

Jokes about mailmen being forgetful

What do you call a mailman who’s forgotten everything?

A forgetful mailman!

Jokes about mailmen being grumpy

Why are mailmen so grumpy?

Because they always have to deal with the worst kind of people: ones who complain about the service.

Jokes about mailmen being late

Q: Why is it that mailmen are always late?
A: Because they’re weight-conscious!

Q: How does a mailman stay fit?
A: By running around the block!

Q. Why don’t mailmen like hills?
A. Because they’re always up and down!

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