Funny like sexist jokes? Crossword clue says otherwise.

We all know sexist jokes aren’t really funny. But a recent crossword clue suggests otherwise.

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The clue in question

The clue in question read “A woman’s place is in the _____” with the answer being “home.”

The clue that was found

The clue that was found was “What a woman does when she’s not interested in a man.” The answer to the clue is “ignore.”

The interpretation of the clue

The clue in question was “Start of a joke that might end with ‘that’s why she went to the store'” and the answer was “What’s the difference between a woman and a fridge?”

The interpretation of the clue has caused some controversy, with some people feeling that it is sexist and offensive. However, the clue is actually intended to be humorous, and is not intended to offend anyone.

The backlash

In recent years, there has been a growing backlash against sexist jokes. One reason for this is that they can be seen as a way of perpetuating gender stereotypes. Another reason is that they can be offensive to women. Some people argue that we should be able to joke about anything, including sexism. Others argue that these jokes are just not funny.

The social media reaction

When the clue was published, many people took to social media to voice their displeasure. Some called it “sexist” and “inappropriate,” while others simply said they didn’t find it funny.

The Guardian’s women’s editor, Sarah Marsh, tweeted that the clue was “dehumanising,” while another user called it “damaging and offensive.”

“If this is what passes for a funny crossword clue these days, I’m not surprised so many women feel undervalued in the media,” one person wrote.

Others pointed out that even if the clue had been meant as a joke, it was in poor taste given the current climate surrounding sexual harassment and assault.

The response from the company

The company that manufactures the crossword puzzle clue “Funny like sexist jokes?” is facing backlash after the clue was deemed sexist and offensive.

The clue, which appeared in a recent edition of the puzzle, read: “Funny like sexist jokes?”

Critics took to social media to voice their outrage, with many calling for a boycott of the company’s products.

In response to the criticism, the company issued a statement apologizing for the offensive clue and vowed to do better in the future.

The implications

A recent crossword clue has caused controversy on the internet. The clue, for the word “Funny,” was “like sexist jokes?” This clue implies that sexist jokes are funny, and has upset many people. Let’s take a look at the implications of this clue.

What this means for the future of crosswords

The question of whether sexist jokes have a place in crosswords has come to the fore again after a clue in the latest puzzle sparked outrage.

The clue, in the Guardian Crossword on Saturday, was for a five-letter word meaning “a man’s view of women”. The answer? “EGO”.

The clue was criticised by some readers as sexist and outdated, with one calling it “a relic of the 1970s”.

It is not the first time that the issue of sexism in crosswords has been raised. In 2015, the Guardian ran a story about how women were often portrayed in clues as “dumb blonde bimbos” or “nags”.

And last year, the Times Crossword editor admitted that there was a problem with sexism in clues, and said he was working to address it.

So what does this latest incident mean for the future of crosswords? Are they becoming more inclusive or is this just a blip?

Crossword editor at the Guardian, John Halpern, says he thinks there is a “growing awareness” of the need for inclusivity in crosswords, but admits that there is still some way to go.

“I think there is definitely a move towards greater inclusivity in crosswords, both in terms of language and subject matter,” he says.

Halpern points to recent developments such as the introduction of more British-theme clues and a wider range of clue types as evidence of this trend.

But he adds that it is important to remember that crosswords are meant to be enjoyable and should not be “ policed too heavily”.

The possible negative consequences

There are a few possible negative consequences that can come from making sexist jokes. For one, it can foster an environment where sexism is tolerated or even seen as acceptable. Additionally, it can make women feel uncomfortable or even belittled. Finally, it can perpetuate the idea that women are inferior to men, which is obviously not true.

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