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Koala Bear Jokes

What do you call a Koala with no ears?

What do you call a koala with no ears?

A Koalafornia!

How do you throw a Koala out of a car?

How do you throw a Koala out of a car?

You put it in reverse and push it out!

How does a Koala get to school?

On eucalyptus!

How does a Koala stay up all night?

Most people know that koala bears are nocturnal animals, but how do they stay up all night? The answer is simple: they sleep during the day and are awake at night.

Koalas are very good at climbing trees, and they often spend their nights high up in the branches, munching on leaves. They also sleep a lot—up to 18 hours a day! So if you see a koala bear during the day, chances are it’s just taking a nap.


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