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Ilocano jokes, or what we call in local dialect “pagdiriwang,” are aplenty. They come in different forms, strategies, and topics. But their ultimate goal is just one: to dish out some good laughing vibes.

Ilocano Jokes

Ilocano jokes are a great way to make people laugh. They are often based on wordplay and puns. Ilocano jokes often involve animals or rural situations. If you want to make someone laugh, tell them an Ilocano joke.

The Ilocano and the Carabao

There was once an Ilocano who owned a carabao. He was very proud of his carabao and he would always brag about how strong and fast it was.

One day, the Ilocano decided to put his carabao to the test. He asked a man to ride on the carabao’s back and see how fast it could run.

The man got on the carabao’s back and the Ilocano gave him a whip. The man started whipping the carabao and it started running faster and faster.

Suddenly, the man lost his grip on the whip and fell off the carabao’s back. The Ilocano laughed and said, “See? I told you my carabao was fast!”

The Ilocano and the Chicken

One day, an Ilocano went to a pet store and saw a chicken. He asked the store owner how much it would cost to buy the chicken.

The store owner said, “It will cost you P500.”

The Ilocano was shocked! “That’s too expensive! I can just buy a live chicken at the market for only P50!”

The store owner explained, “This chicken is special. It can lay golden eggs.”

The Ilocano was intrigued and decided to buy the chicken. True enough, every day the chicken laid a golden egg. The Ilocano was so happy that he soon became rich.

One day, he decided to take the chicken back to the pet store and show it off to the owner. When he got there, he saw another chicken next to the one he had bought. This new chicken was also laying golden eggs.

The Ilocano asked the store owner, “How much did this new chicken cost you?”

The store owner replied, “This one only cost me P50.”

The Ilocano and the Dog

A man from the Philippines goes to America for the first time. He’s very excited to see all the new sights and sounds. One day, he’s walking down the street and he sees a dog. He’s never seen a dog before, so he asks the person next to him what it is. The person tells him that it’s a dog. The man is very intrigued by this animal and wants to learn more about it. So, he asks the person how you get one of these dogs. The person tells him that you buy them from a store. So, the man goes to the store and buys himself a dog. He takes it home and is so excited to have this new animal. He spends all day playing with it and showing it off to his friends and family. But, after a few days, he notices that the dog doesn’t seem to be happy. It always has its head down and its tail between its legs. It doesn’t eat much and it doesn’t seem to enjoy playing with him anymore. The man is very concerned about his dog and decides to take it to the vet.

The vet tells him that his dog is depressed because it misses its home country of Philippines. The vet suggests that he takes his dog back to Philippines so it can be happy again. So, the man takes his dog back to Philippines and sure enough, as soon as they get there, the dog’s mood completely changes. It’s wagging its tail, playing with other dogs, and eating everything in sight. The man is so happy to see his dog happy again and they spend every day together enjoying all the wonderful sights and sounds of Philippines


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