Funny Gumbo Jokes to Make You Smile

Looking for a laugh? Check out our collection of Funny Gumbo Jokes to Make You Smile. We’ve got all the classics, plus some new ones that will have you giggling in no time.

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Jokes about Gumbo

Q: What did the chicken say when it saw the gumbo?
A: “This looks like a dark and stormy night.”

Q: How do you catch a gumbo?
A: You set a trap and wait for it to come out of the pot!

Jokes about Gumbo Ingredients

Q: Why did the chicken go to the seance?
A: To talk to the other side.

Q:Why did the duck go to rehab?
A: Because he was addicted to quack!

Q.Why did the turkey cross the road?
A.To get to the other side!

Q:Why did the mosquito go to the bank?
A:To get a blood test

Jokes about Gumbo Recipes

1. What’s the best way to eat gumbo?

With a spoon!

2. What’s the difference between gumbo and jambalaya?

One is a stew, and the other is a rice dish.

3. How do you make gumbo even better?

By adding sausage!

4. What’s the best way to eat gumbo?

With friends!

Jokes about Gumbo Spills

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get to the other side of the gumbo pot!

Q: What’s a chicken’s favorite gumbo?
A: Bayou Gumbo!

Q: How can you tell if a gumbo is too spicy?
A: If it makes you cry more than the onions!

Jokes about Gumbo clean up

How do you clean up after making gumbo?

With a mop and a bucket!

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