Funny George Washington Jokes to Make You Smile

Enjoy these funny George Washington jokes and puns. They’re perfect for kids and adults who love history and learning about the Founding Father.

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Joke #1

Why didn’t George Washington cross the Delaware River?

Because he was afraid of getting wet!

Joke #2

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to George Washington’s house!

Joke #3

Why couldn’t George Washington tell a lie?

Because his father wouldn’t have believed him!

Joke #4

Why did George Washington chooose the eagle as our national bird?
Because it was the only animal that could get off the ground with 10 pounds of raw hamburger meat in its mouth!

Joke #5

Q: How did George Washington deal with the dental pain caused by his wooden teeth?

A: He just grit his teeth and bore it!

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