Funny Flower Jokes for Kids

Looking for some laughs? Check out our collection of funny flower jokes for kids. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

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What do you call a flower that can tell a joke? A laughtern!

Why did the flower go to the doctor? Because it wasn’t Feeling-well!

Why did the daisy dance all night? Because it wanted to see the sun rise!

How does a rose say “I love you”? It gives you its petals!

What is a flower?

A flower is a beautiful part of a plant. Flowers are usually colorful and have a sweet smell. People often give flowers to other people to show that they care about them.

The parts of a flower

A flower has many parts. The four main parts are the petals, the sepals, the stamen, and the pistil. Each of these parts has a specific function.

The petals are usually the showiest part of the flower. They are often brightly colored and attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies. The petals also protect the more delicate parts of the flower.

The sepals are green and leaf-like. They surround and protect the buds of the flower before it blooms.

The stamen is made up of the pollen-producing anthers and the filament that supports them. The anthers release pollen which is then carried by insects or other animals to fertilize other flowers of the same species.

The pistil is composed of the ovary, stigma, and style. The ovary contains the female sex cells (eggs). After fertilization by pollen, these eggs develop into seeds. The stigma is sticky and acts like a landing pad for pollen grains. The style is a long stem that connects the stigma to the ovary.

The life cycle of a flower

The life cycle of a flower is a process that begins with the seed. The seed grows into a plant and the plant produces a flower. The flower is pollinated by bees or other insects and the pollinated flower produces a fruit. The fruit contains seeds that grow into new plants, starting the cycle all over again.

Why do flowers need bees?

Bees are important to flowers because they help the flowers make fruit. The bee collects pollen from the flower’s stamen, which is the male part of the flower. The bee then takes the pollen to another flower, where it brushes against the pistil, which is the female part of the flower. The bee’s bodyheat helps towei spread the pollen and fertilize the flower so that it can make fruit.

How do flowers reproduce?

How do flowers reproduce?

They go out and pollinate!

How do we use flowers?

Flowers can be used for a lot of different things. We can give them to people we love, put them in vases, or even eat them! Some flowers are even used to make medicine.

Here are some jokes about flowers that will make you giggle:

Why did the daisy go out with the dandelion?
Because he was her type!

What did one flower say to the other flower?
I’m kind of a big deal!

Why are flowers so happy?
Because they have Scent-iments!

What does a bee use to make honey? Floral essence!

Flower jokes

Why did the daisy leave the party early?
Because she wasn’t feeling very flowery!

Why are flowers so jealous?
Because they’re always compare-a-mums!

Why was the rose feeling sick?
Because it had budACHE!


These funny flower jokes for kids are sure to get a giggle. If you want to make someone smile, tell them one of these kid-friendly jokes about flowers.

What did the flower say to the bee?

“I’m glad you’re back!”

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