Dwayne Haskins Jokes: The Funniest Ones Yet

Dwayne Haskins may not be the most talented quarterback in the NFL, but he’s certainly one of the funniest. Here are some of the best Dwayne Haskins jokes yet.

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Dwayne Haskins

While Dwayne Haskins may not be the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins, he is still a jokester. Haskins loves to play around and have fun with the media. In this article, we will take a look at some of the funniest jokes that Dwayne Haskins has made yet.

His early life

Dwayne Haskins was born in New Jersey to an African-American mother and a Haitian father. He was raised in the nearby town of Highland Park, where he lived with his parents and two sisters. Haskins attended Highland Park High School, where he played football and basketball. After graduation, he enrolled at Ohio State University, where he played quarterback for the Buckeyes from 2016 to 2018.

Haskins began his college career as a backup to J.T. Barrett, but took over as the starting quarterback midway through his sophomore year. He had an immediate impact, leading the Buckeyes to a Big Ten championship and a berth in the College Football Playoff. In his junior year, Haskins set multiple school records, including most passing yards (4,831) and touchdowns (50), en route to being named the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year. Following his junior season, he declared for the 2019 NFL Draft.

His NFL career

Dwayne Haskins was drafted by the Washington Redskins in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. He played college football at Ohio State University. He was named the Big Ten Conference Offensive Player of the Year in 2018.

In his rookie season, Haskins started seven games, winning three of them. He set multiple franchise rookie records, including most touchdown passes in a single game (5), most passing yards in a single game (644) and most passing touchdowns in a single season (22).

Haskins began the 2020 season as the starting quarterback for the Washington Football Team.

His sense of humor

Dwayne Haskins loves to joke around and make people laugh. He’s always the life of the party and has a great sense of humor. Here are some of the funniest jokes he’s told yet.

His self-deprecating jokes

Dwayne Haskins has a great sense of humor, and he’s not afraid to laugh at himself. He’s been known to make self-deprecating jokes, and he’s even made fun of his own physical appearance.

Here are some of the funniest Dwayne Haskins jokes yet:

-“I’m not the biggest guy out there, but I think I can hold my own.”

-“I may not be the smartest guy in the room, but I’m definitely not the dumbest.”

-“I’m not exactly built like a traditional NFL quarterback, but I’m confident in my abilities.”

What do you think of Dwayne Haskins’ sense of humor?

His jokes about other people

Dwayne Haskins has a great sense of humor. He loves to joke around with other people, and his jokes are always hilarious. Below are some of the funniest ones yet:

“I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, and he was like, ‘Dwayne, you’re so funny. You should be a stand-up comedian.’ I was like, ‘No, I don’t think so.’ He was like, ‘Why not?’ I was like, ‘Well, first of all, I don’t have any material.’ He was like, ‘What do you mean you don’t have any material? You’re always making jokes about other people.'”

“My wife says I’m not allowed to make jokes about her anymore. I was like, ‘Fine, I’ll just make jokes about other people then.'”

“I was at a party the other day and someone said to me, ‘Dwayne, you’re so funny. You should be a comedian.’ I was like, ‘No thanks. I don’t want to end up like all those other comedians who have to sell their jokes on Etsy.'”

His funniest jokes yet

Dwayne Haskins, the famous American stand-up comedian, has been entertaining the audiences with his clean and clever jokes. He has been in the business for more than two decades and has won numerous awards. Some of his jokes are so hilarious that we can’t help but laugh out loud. Let’s take a look at some of the funniest jokes by Dwayne Haskins yet.

The one about his mom

Dwayne Haskins has been making headlines recently for his hilariously funny jokes. Here is one of his latest:

“My mom always said that I was a clown. I guess she was right!”

The one about his girlfriend

Why did Dwayne Haskins cross the road?

To get to his girlfriend’s house!

Why did he break up with her?

Because she was too clingy!

The one about his coach

While Dwayne Haskins may not be the best quarterback in the NFL, he’s definitely one of the funniest. Case in point: his jokes about his head coach Jay Gruden.

“Jay Gruden is like a father figure to me,” Haskins said during a press conference. “He’s always telling me what to do, how to do it, when to do it. It’s like he’s my dad.”

“I was actually thinking about asking him for some parenting advice,” Haskins continued. “I’m sure he’s got some good tips.”

Gruden didn’t find the joke particularly funny, but Haskins didn’t seem to mind. “I’m just messing with you, coach,” he said. “I know you’re not my real dad.”

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