Funny Dirty Little Johnny Jokes about His Sister

Funny little Johnny jokes about his sister. If you’re looking for a laugh, check out our selection of Funny Dirty Little Johnny Jokes about His Sister.

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Little Johnny was sitting on the curb eating his lunch one day when a big black car pulled up. The black car had big chrome rims and dark tinted windows. A well-dressed man stepped out of the car and asked Johnny if he wanted a ride home. Johnny eagerly accepted and hopped into the back seat of the man’s car.

On the way home, the man asked Johnny if he wanted to hear a dirty joke. Johnny eagerly said yes, so the man proceeded to tell him a joke about Little Johnny’s sister.

Johnny laughed hysterically at the joke and when they arrived at his house, he ran inside to tell his sister the joke. His sister was not amused and she told their mother what happened.

When Little Johnny’s mother confronted him about telling dirty jokes, he replied, “I didn’t tell her the whole joke, I just left out the dirty part.”

The Jokes

Little Johnny was sitting on the stairs when his sister walked by. Johnny looked up at his sister and said, “You know, you’re really starting to fill out nicely.” His sister smiled and said, “Thanks, Johnny.” Johnny replied, “I’m just saying, you’re looking more and more like mom every day.”

Joke #1

One day, Little Johnny was playing with his sister’s dolls. His sister caught him and said, “Johnny, you shouldn’t be playing with my dolls! You’re a big boy now!”

Johnny replied, “I’m not playing with your dolls, I’m trying to have sex with them.”

Joke #2

How do you stop a dog from humping your leg?

Pick him up and move him to another leg.

Joke #3

Little Johnny was in the bathroom, and he heard his sister go into their mom’s bedroom. He heard her say, “Mommy, where does my vagina go?”

Johnny yelled out, “Right here on the floor where you left it!”


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