The Funniest Dentist Jokes You’ve Never Heard

Looking for a good laugh? Check out our collection of the funniest dentist jokes you’ve never heard. From clean jokes to puns, we’ve got something for everyone.

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Jokes about going to the dentist

What’s the best way to avoid going to the dentist?

Brush your teeth three times a day!

Jokes about teeth

The following is a list of jokes about teeth that you may have never heard before. If you are a dentist, or have a keen interest in teeth, then these might just be the jokes for you!

-Why did the dental patient keep opening and closing his mouth? He was trying to make a toothpick!
-What do you call a dentist who is always laugh? A mouth-a-dental!
-Why did the tooth go to the dentist? Because it was feeling a bit sensitive!
-How do you know you need to see a dentist? Your tooth hurts when you bite into an apple!
-Why are dentists always so happy? Because they know the drill!

Jokes about dentists

Q: Why did the dentist keep pulling out different colored handkerchiefs?
A: He was trying to find a tissue!

Q: What’s a dentist’s favorite fruit?
A: A tooth-orange!

Q: Why was the man at the dentist’s office so nervous?
A: Because he had to get a root canal!

Jokes about dental procedures

Dental procedures can be pretty serious business, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be funny too! Here are some of the funniest dentist jokes you’ve never heard:

-Why did the dentist give his patient a root canal?
-Because he wanted to drill down to the root of the problem!

-Why did the dentist call in sick?
-Because he was feeling a bit under the weather!

-Why did the dentist need an X-ray?
-To see if there were any cavities in his patients’ teeth!

Jokes about orthodontists

Why did the orthodontist charge so much for braces?
Because they were worth every penny!

Why did the orthodontist go out of business?
Because he couldn’t make ends meet!

Why did the orthodontist get fired from his job?
Because he was constantly making mistakes!

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