Funny Cubical Jokes to Get You Through the Day

In search of some cubical humor? Check out our collection of the funniest cubical jokes to get you through the day.

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We all know that working in an office can be a drag. Sitting in a cubicle all day can be repetitive and monotonous. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a little bit of fun!

One way to make the most of your time at the office is to sprinkle in some humor. A good joke can lighten the mood, start a conversation, or even make you forget where you are for a few minutes.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of funny cubicle jokes that will help get you through the day. So next time you need a break from work, simply step over to your neighbor’s cubicle and share one of these jokes. Trust us, they’ll appreciate it!

The Best Cubicle Jokes

If you’re stuck in a cubicle all day, you might as well have a little fun with it. These cubicle jokes will help you get through the day. From office humor to toilet humor, there’s a little something for everyone. So take a break from work and enjoy a good laugh.

The Overworked Employee

The overworked employee suddenly exclaimed, “I’m going to jump out that window!”
“Don’t do it!” said his co-worker. “Think of your wife and kids.”
“I don’t have a wife and kids,” he replied.
“Well, then,” said his co-worker, “think of the company.”

The New Hire

A woman goes to HR and tells them she wants to file a sexual harassment suit against her boss.
The HR woman asks, “What happened?”

The woman says, “He called me into his office, shut the door, and then he started rubbing my shoulders.”

The HR woman says, “That doesn’t sound like sexual harassment.”

The woman replied, “Then he started squeezing my breasts.”

The HR woman says, “Still not sexual harassment.”

The woman said, “Then he put his hand between my legs and started rubbing me there.”

The HR woman said, “Now that’s sexual harassment.”

The woman said, “No, it isn’t. When I went to his house last night and he did the same thing to me, it was heavenly.”

The Office Prankster

The office prankster is always looking for new ways to liven up the work day. If you’re lucky, you might be the recipient of one of their practical jokes. But beware, you may also be the target of their latest prank.

Here are some of the best office pranks:

1. The whoopie cushion prank. This classic prank never gets old. Place a whoopie cushion on your victim’s chair and watch them jump when they sit down.

2. The taped to the ceiling prank. This one is sure to get a rise out of your victim. Tape your unsuspecting victim to the ceiling and watch them struggle to get down.

3. The confetti in the printer prank. This prank is sure to cause some paper jams. Fill your victim’s printer with confetti and watch them scramble to clear it out.

4. The post-it note on the computer screen prank. This prank is sure to cause some frustration. Cover your victim’s computer screen with post-it notes and watch them try to peel them all off.

5. The fill the cubicle with balloons prank. This one will definitely brighten up someone’s day. Fill your victim’s cubicle with balloons and watch them try to pop them all.


And there you have it! A collection of funny cubical jokes to get you through the day. Whether you’re looking for a laugh to brighten up your day or just hoping to pass the time, these jokes are sure to bring a smile to your face. So next time you’re feeling down in the dumps, remember that there’s always someone out there who is worse off than you are…and they probably work in the cubicle next to you!

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