Funny Cat Jokes: One Liners That Will Make You Laugh

Looking for a good laugh? Check out our collection of funny cat jokes. These one liners are sure to make you laugh out loud.

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Who doesn’t love a good cat joke? We’ve rounded up the best funny cat jokes from around the internet to make you laugh out loud. From knock-knock jokes to riddles, these one-liners are sure to get a chuckle out of even the grumpiest cat lover. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a little laughter courtesy of our furry feline friends!

One Liners

Funny cat jokes are perfect for when you need a quick laugh. Here are some of our favorite one liners that will make you laugh.

-I invented the ‘frownie cat’ emoji.
-Why did the cat join the Red Cross? For free licks!
-What do you call a cat that’s been run over by a car? A CATastrophe!
-How does a cat get out of a tree? It climbs down!
-Why did the cat go to the doctor? For a CAT scan!


What’s a cat’s favorite type of cookie?
A purr-se!

What do you call a cat that’s been in the rain?
A drizzlepuss!

Why did the cat cross the road?
To get to the ocelot!

Jokes About Cats

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, and there’s no shortage of jokes about them. If you’re looking for a laugh, here are some of the funniest cat jokes around.

Q: What do you call a cat that’s been left out in the rain?
A: A wet cat!

Q: How do you know when your cat is done cleaning itself?
A: When it’s all wet!

Q: What do you call a cat that swallowed a dictionary?
A: A literate cat!

Q: What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?
A: Frostbite!


We hope you enjoyed our collection of funny cat jokes! While cats may not be everyone’s favorite animal, there’s no denying that they can be amusing creatures. If you have any feline jokes of your own that you would like to share, please do so in the comments below!

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