Funny Bacon Jokes to Make You Smile

Looking for a good laugh? Then check out our collection of funny bacon jokes. Guaranteed to make you smile, these jokes are perfect for bacon lovers of all ages.

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Are you looking for some funny bacon jokes? Then look no further! We’ve got a whole host of hilarious jokes about everyone’s favorite breakfast food.

So whether you’re looking for a good pun to start your day or you need a laugh to help you get over your bacon withdrawal, we’ve got you covered. So without further ado, here are some of the funniest bacon jokes around.

Bacon Jokes

Bacon is one of the most delicious meats out there. But it’s also one of the funniest. Here are some hilarious bacon jokes to make you smile.

Why did the bacon cross the road?

Why did the bacon cross the road?

To get to the other side!

What do you call a pig with three eyes?

Pig- three eyes!

How do you catch a wild pig?

Tie an apple to a string and wait under a tree.


Bacon is amazing and delicious, and there’s no denying that. But it’s also the subject of many jokes, thanks to its greasy, salty goodness. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the funniest bacon jokes out there. And if you’re not a fan of bacon, well… these might not be for you.

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