Funny Armadillo Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Looking for a good laugh? Check out our collection of funny armadillo jokes. These jokes are sure to make you laugh out loud.

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Armadillos are one of the funniest animals around. They are so big and round, they look like they are always ready for a hug. But don’t let their cute appearance fool you, these little guys can be feisty!

If you want to make someone laugh, tell them a funny armadillo joke. We’ve collected some of the best ones here just for you. So read on and enjoy!

The Best Armadillo Jokes

Why did the armadillo cross the road? To get to the other side! If you’re looking for a good laugh, these armadillo jokes are sure to deliver. From puns to one-liners, these jokes will have you rolling on the floor.

What do you call an armadillo with a broken shell?


How does an armadillo order food at a restaurant?

“Waiter, I’ll have the armadillo,” the armadillo said to the waiter.

“I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t have armadillo on the menu,” the waiter replied.

“But I see it over there!” the armadillo said, pointing to the other side of the restaurant.

“That’s not our menu, sir,” the waiter explained. “That’s the other side of the restaurant.”

What do you call an armadillo with a one track mind?

A dillo-traine!


We hope you enjoyed our collection of funny armadillo jokes! If you want to explore more humorous content, be sure to check out our other joke collections. From reptiles and amphibians to mammals and birds, we’ve got jokes for every animal lover.

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